Transfer Procedures

When transferring stock, be sure to pay the fees for the transfer, submit the physical stock certificate(s), and provide the signatures of all registered owners, when applicable. The signatures must be Medallion Signature Guaranteed by a financial institution participating in the "Medallion Stamp Program". You may execute the stock power or you may endorse the Assignment Form located on the reverse side of the certificate. Any legal documents submitted (birth or death certificates, court appointments, etc) will not be returned. All documentation will be retained and filed with the canceled stock certificate(s) as part of our permanent record of the transfer. If you are not able to supply an original, the copy must be Medallion Signature Guaranteed. When submitting the necessary transfer documents, we recommend the use of registered or certified mail, return receipt requested. If you wish to insure the shares, we recommend 2% of their current market value, which is the cost of the replacement.

Mailing Address
Globex Transfer, LLC
780 Deltona Blvd., Suite 202
Deltona, FL 32725

If you are unable to obtain a medallion signature guarantee from an authorized medallion program participant please contact us for alternative options.

Lost and Stolen Procedures

In order to replace a lost or stolen certificate please contact us for information.

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In order to transfer shares you must include payment for transfer fees. Please make checks payable to "Globex Transfer, LLC." The following examples are for 1 certificate to 1 certificate transfers. For other scenarios please contact us for pricing.


Contact us today at (813) 344-4490 or on our contact form to learn more about our transfer agent services for OTCBB and Pink Sheet issuers.


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